Forestry Consulting – Long Farms of Laurier

Forestry Consulting

John Long is a Registered Professional Forester with over thirty years experience in forestry work. He can assess your woodlot’s potential and make recommendations for efficient self management or provide a complete woodlot management service. He is committed to providing reasonably priced forestry services to

  • Pic of Registered Forestry Consultant John LongPrivate Landowners
  • Forestry and Logging Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Potential of property for producing wood products
  • Assessing your woodlot’s health and vigor
  • Timber cruising and forest stand inventories
  • Forest renewal including tree planting, tending, thinning and tree marking
  • Wood measurement and log scaling
  • Woodlot management planning – Ontario’s Management Forest Tax Incentive Program.
  • Accurate estimates of the present value of woodlots based on volume of merchantable
    • Firewood
    • Pulpwood
    • Saw logs
    • Specialty product